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Through a vast network encompassing all markets, in addition to many duty-free markets worldwide, ICDF strives in attaining both quality-conscious and cost-effective manufacturers to meet the demands of its immense amount of customers around the world. To accomplish this monumental feat, it relies heavily on its advanced warehouse management system which provides complete distribution life-cycle management for even the most complex inventory management challenges.

The warehouse system in effect within the company manages the many warehouse resources currently present, some of which include space availability, labor, equipment, and material flow that, in essence, deliver streamlined warehousing operations that can significantly reduce costs throughout the international supply chain. ICDF’s warehousing management experts provide the necessary support to meet all clients’ specific needs at its Foreign Trade Zone, (FTZ subzone 281-10), facility through a diligent and extensive analytical approach, along with adherence to their internal standard operating procedures that ensures proper protocol and is in accordance with governmental regulatory requirements.


We can handle all of your freight warehousing, logistic warehousing and distribution needs. We handle your merchandise in a quick and effective manner without any unnecessary delays.


You benefit from every our Quality control checks on entry and exit of goods, whether it involves a simple extension to our Air and Ocean Freight products, whether it means a development in warehousing.


At ICDF security is our Priority
Have the peace of mind of having your goods storage in a 24/7 secure Warehouse equipped with the latest Security Technologies and Surveillance.

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