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Today’s global supply chains are at the epicenter of business strategy and are essentially the fundamental disparity between profitable gains and losses in industries that operate with slim margins within expanding fiscal conditions. Before trying to comprehend the complexity of third-party logistics and the many benefits their providers offer, one must first define them. Technically, there is no single/legal definition of 3PL due to the industry being increasingly vital to both domestic and world economies, though it is often referred to as logistics outsourcing. Generally speaking though, 3PL is directly involved in the business of managing various elements of the supply chain via contact or outsourcing. A 3PL provider analyzes and manages all or portions of a client’s logistical base, some of which include inventory optimization, transportation, order fulfillments, warehousing operations and/or the integration of other critical functions. In a brief synopsis, 3PL as an industry represent an efficient and extremely effective market involving the movement of goods, whereas 3PL providers assist business entities of all types in developing and implementing these strategies previously mentioned.

As a leading provider in the field of third-party logistics technology within the duty-free environment, ICDF is cognizant of the fact that economic strength relies heavily on the ability to transport goods from where they are manufactured, to where they need to be or are desired. As a result, ICDF offers many significant services that greatly benefit all clientele. These services include, but are not limited to: logistical proficiency, both mode and load optimization, vendor compliance management, actionable business intelligence, risk-profile reduction, best practice sharing, systems sustainability, cost-containment analysis, network expertise, and dynamic strategic capacity. ICDF’s efficient customized service, processing expertise, and long-term relationships are among the key contributing factors that make it an invaluable 3PL provider to both its customers and carriers. Furthermore, its extensive logistics network and end-to-end multi-faceted sustainability solutions offer them the capacity and flexibility to respond rapidly to evolving consumer trends.


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