Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) FACTS AND DATA

International Cruise Duty Free: Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) 281, Subzone Site # 10

“Miami Herald, A boost to South Florida’s Economy, August 7, 2012” 

In a move that enhances Miami-Dade County’s status as a center for international trade and commerce, the U.S. Department of Commerce this week provided a grant of authority for PortMiami Foreign Trade Zone No. 281, a new mega-Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) that stretches north from Southwest Eighth Street to the Broward County line. The new zone will be among the nation’s first to operate under new, streamlined processes.

International Cruise Duty Free operates Foreign Trade Zone 281-10. As such we offer our customers the unique opportunity to take advantage of the benefits provided by a Foreign Trade Zone. These benefits make for an effective way to manage your foreign inventory and also facilitates the movement of your goods.

ICDF FTZ Facts and Data

  • Highly secured area legally viewed as outside the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) territory.
  • All goods in the FTZ are considered part of international commerce; not part of U.S. commerce.
  • Duty deferral – only when goods depart the FTZ facility and enter commerce within the boundaries of the U.S. forconsumption purposes are duties, taxes and other applicable fees due.
  • Inverted tariff – allowed to pay lower duty rate(s) for manufacturing purposes within FTZ.Duty elimination on exports; duties are not due if goods are utilized for exportation purposes.
  • Duty reduction, if scrap/waste while within zone limits.
  • Foreign Trade Subzone 281 – Site # 10 (Notation: 2810010)
  • FIRMS Code: N-403
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