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“High quality distribution and constant improvement of our processes”

What we do

Our objective is to be the best logistic operator supplying a comprehensive service to our customers. Our operation is divided in three businesses:

  • Vessels supply in the ports of Miami , Ft Lauderdale and West Palm Beach.
  • Third Party Warehouse service for stockage of goods in a bonded warehouse
  • Distribution services of products (beverages , liquors , tobacco) for Duty Free and Duty Paid markets across the World.

“We offer you the best logistic services from a Miami based distributor”

How we do it

With the knowledge we have of the markets , we are prepared to act immediately on your expectations. Through just-in-time deliveries, we achieve the highest standard of service along with our safety in warehousing and freights. Using our vast distribution network and contacts with key operators in the region we get your goods to you on-time, every time. We also provide value-added services such as market visits, customer meetings and after-sales assistance.
ICDF Distribution Services handles a wide range of products covering a number of markets including tobacco products, liquors, cosmetics, food and beverages. Contact Us Today and let us help you get your product to a larger market and increase your customer base!

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